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Get the KarmaLife experience for your employees

Financial Futures driven by a digital trust engine.

Zero-touch, configurable platform that works 24/7

AI Powered and personalised

Uses alternative data to understand, assess, predict, and influence responsible financial behaviour

Trust-first and Inclusive

Users don’t need to earn trust, but they can burn trust. Separates intent from circumstance, improving coverage & outcomes.

Quick, mobile and affordable

100% digital & drop-dead simple customer experience: 3 minutes to decide, 1 minute to enable, and 0 human touch.

Partner Testimonials

  • Anupam Acharya (Co-founder & COO)
    Thanks to KarmaLife, our workforce feels secure and is able to better focus on their day to day jobs.
    Anupam Acharya (Co-founder & COO)
  • Amit Boni (CEO)
    KarmaLife has helped our point-of-sale agents continue business, draw their commissions earlier, and alleviate working capital problems. This has been invaluable in the new world with social distancing
    Amit Boni (CEO)
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April 13, 2020

For the people who work, so that you can WFH (work from home)

Delivery workers are the lifeblood of the online economy, which has only gained new prominence under a contagious global pandemic as people hunker down in their […]

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