Benefits of Earned Wage Access for Blue Collar Employees 

earned wage acceess
By granting employees access to a portion of their earned wages before payday, EWA offers a range of benefits to both employers and employees.

Building a resilient economy has become a hot topic around the world. Developing countries like India have a greater share of blue-collar employees and gig workers. It’s vital to create financial stability and awareness among them to boost the overall economy. 

One such attempt is EWA or Earned Wage Access. Even developed countries like the US are adopting EWA to create a sense of confidence in blue-collar employees and help streamline their finances. Let’s find out more about earned wage access and how it can benefit gig workers. 

What is EWA? 

Early wage access is where a gig worker can request an advance from their weekly/ monthly pay. There won’t be any interest levied on this amount. The remaining pay will be credited to their account on the payday. 

Benefits of EWA for Gig Workers 

  • No Dependence on Third-Party Loans 

Gig workers often end up taking loans from predatory or shady businesses due to the lack of access to funds in emergencies. Early wage access minimizes this risk as they can request a portion of their pay as advance. 

  • Financial Awareness and Learning 

Blue-collar employees don’t have access to professional financial services. However, educating them about positively managing finances is necessary. Early salary payments can help them manage their income and expenses without depending too much on outside help. 

  • Greater Self-Confidence 

No one wants to beg or plead with someone for a loan, isn’t it? EWA makes it easy for them to get paid for the hours they put in at work or the services they render. Instead of requesting third parties for money, workers can get an advance from the money they rightfully earned for the month. 

  • Fewer Distractions and Higher Productivity 

When workers know they can access their salary payment in advance, they are less likely to be distracted at work. This makes them more productive and increases their chances of earning extra. Instead of running around payday lenders, they will be at work and put in a few more hours. 


KarmaLife is an EWA partner to various businesses and offers seamless solutions to help gig workers gain early access to their salaries. The app is easy to use and works on different operation systems and browsers. 

Blue-collar employees can get early salary through the app without worrying about repayments as the amount will be automatically deducted from their net monthly earnings. 

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